Kent Melton has crafted maquettes for major animation studios

including Disney, Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbera, LAIKA

and others. Kent was also one of the principal sculptors

for the Walt Disney Classics Collection. Although the line

was retired in 2012, CEL-EBRATION! still offers many

of these fine collectibles sculpted by Kent

and many other WDCC artists. Please read below

for Kent's 'take' on this unique line.


Kent: "Meeting and working with some of Walt's "Nine Old Men" while sculpting for

Walt Disney Classics Collection was extremely educational for me. As you probably already know,

those guys literally wrote the book on feature animation. The artist that most inspired me was Marc Davis.

He was a soft spoken Renaissance man. A master of design, drawing, painting, sculpture, storytelling,

and basically everything else he ever put his creative mind to. I can truly understand

why Walt valued him so highly on so many of his various projects.

As I steadily sculpted my way through the list of his characters at WDCC I met with Marc at his home/studio

to get his insight on each piece. I remember the time I was showing him my sculpture of Snow White

for his notes when he called his wife Alice in to take a look. She pointed out that Snow White

wore a wool dress and that I'd put too many fine wrinkles in the drapery making it look more as if it were made of cotton.

Where else could you ever get that kind of invaluable information? That was the day I found out that Alice

was not only a very talented artist but she'd also worked on costuming the actors for the live action

reference on Snow White. Thankfully, It was just impossible to visit them without learning something new."

Kent Melton WDCC available from CEL-EBRATION!





Disney Treasures

Pieces So Unique, they deserve their own Category



"Vincent" a film by Tim Burton

Hand Made Pressed Felt Dolls with Stands - created by Kent & Martha Melton

Size:  16" tall (+/- hair)

One Remaining Set Available!


Warner Bros. Limited Editions

Batman: "Batman & Joker"

Cold Cast Bronze


We've had several requests for various images, so here we are:

Rear View

Left Side View

Right Side View

Batman Close-Up

Joker Close-Up

Kent Melton cast signature on Batman's cape

Kent Melton cast signature on Joker's pant leg

Kent Melton script signature on Batman's felt base

Kent Melton script signature on Joker's base

Batman: "Riddler & 2 Face"

Limited Edition from Warners Store


MGM Studios Limited Editions

Kent: "When I was a kid occasionally the local TV station would broadcast MGM cartoons

directed by the great Tex Avery. I've never been quite the same since.

It's as much fun sculpting Tex's characters as it is to watch them!"

"Red Hot & Wolfie"

*** LastOne ***

Only Red Hot is available

Wolfies are SOLD

Red Hot: $150.

"Rusty & The Big Guy"

Two sets 'in-box' available

$150. each


Three sets 'not-in-box' available

$125. each

The Incredibles Maquettes

Kent: "Yes, I used glass magnifying lenses for Edna's glasses and thanks to the genius

of my good pal Doug at Hild Studios each identical pair of her glasses were cast using

the same exact type of glass lens. With the exception of the Aladdin Maquettes,

Hild Studios produced the resin castings of everything that I ever sculpted for Disney.

In fact I'd had so much trouble getting good quality castings prior to meeting Doug

I had decided to give up sculpting all together. Thanks for saving my career Doug!"

Some of Kent's maquettes - sorry, all sold.