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Animation Resources

"These folks treat animation Seriously!" :Bob

Cre8tive Mark, aka Mark McDonnell

"One of his specialties are 'Five Minute Sketches', where he does

more in Five Minutes than any mere mortal does in a day." :Bob

Learn from the best, take one of Mark's courses.

Walt DIsney Hometown Museum

"Definitely worth the trip.  This is the REAL spirit of Walt DIsney!" : Bob

The Walt DIsney Family Museum

"When in San Fran, a MUST see.  Well Done!" : Bob

"For Disney fans of all ages!" : Bob


"The name PIXAR is all you need to say..." : Bob


"From Brooklyn, for the enjoyment of the World. Master Sculptor!" : Bob

"LAIKA translates literally to: stop-motion animation

in SOME language (maybe)" : Bob

"Filmmaker, writer, animation historian, teacher, artist.  Whew!":  Bob

"Saving Bats all around the world!" : Bob

"Don Henderson, a Great Guy with a Great Website!" : Bob

"Mike Kupka. A Fantastic Guy with Incredible Talent! Love his stuff!" : Bob

"Twinkies and Neccos and Cupcakes, Oh My!":  Bob

Excellent Framing and Movie Art!

"My favorite theatre- who needs to drive up to the city?" : Bob

The Feline Medical Center
Monmouth County's Exclusive Cat-Only Veterinary Practice

"Dr. Campbell is the Cat's Meow!" :Bob

Catsbury Park

"Support Local Kitties!" : Bob

"One of our favorite charities!" :Bob

"Catman2 Shelter in Sylva, NC, home of the American Museum of the House Cat. Great folks!": Bob

"Tabby’s Place rescues cats from hopeless situations. Definitely a worthy cause.": Bob

"Insect eating mammals covered in scales. Poached for their scales use in Oriental 'Medicine' ": Bob

"They rescue foxes not wanted by fur farms and from owners who no longer want them.": Bob

"International Fund for Animal Welfare - Helping animals everywhere.": Bob

"If you have any interest in photography- the Art or the Science. ": Bob