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Animation Resources

"These folks treat animation Seriously!" :Bob

(temporarily not working, he knows...)

Cre8tive Mark, aka Mark McDonnell

"One of his specialties are 'Five Minute Sketches', where he does

more in Five Minutes than any mere mortal does in a day." :Bob

Learn from the best, take one of Mark's courses.

Walt DIsney Hometown Museum

"Definitely worth the trip.  This is the REAL spirit of Walt DIsney!" : Bob

The Walt DIsney Family Museum

"When in San Fran, a MUST see.  Well Done!" : Bob

"For Disney fans of all ages!" : Bob


"The name PIXAR is all you need to say..." : Bob


"CEL-EBRATION! Gallery friend and sculptor extraordinaire!" : Bob


"From Brooklyn, for the enjoyment of the World. Master Sculptor!" : Bob

"LAIKA translates literally to: stop-motion animation

in SOME language (maybe)" : Bob

"Filmmaker, writer, animation historian, teacher, artist.  Whew!":  Bob

"Don Henderson, a Great Guy with a Great Website!" : Bob

"Mike Kupka. A Fantastic Guy with Incredible Talent! Love his stuff!" : Bob

"Twinkies and Neccos and Cupcakes, Oh My!":  Bob

Excellent Framing and Movie Art!

"My favorite theatre- who needs to drive up to the city?" : Bob

The Feline Medical Center
Monmouth County's Exclusive Cat-Only Veterinary Practice

"Dr. Campbell is the Cat's Meow!" :Bob

Little Silver Animal Hospital

"Great expertise, a caring staff!" : Bob

Catsbury Park

"In Asbury Park, one great place to have a snack and support Kitties!" : Bob

"One of our favorite charities!" :Bob

"Right in southern New Jersey!" : Bob

"Catman2 Shelter in Sylva, NC, home of the American Museum of the House Cat. Great folks!": Bob

"Tabby’s Place rescues cats from hopeless situations. Definitely a worthy cause.": Bob

"Insect eating mammals covered in scales. Poached for their scales use in Oriental 'Medicine' ": Bob

"They rescue foxes not wanted by fur farms and from owners who no longer want them.": Bob

"Rocky Kanaka is first and foremost a Pet Rescue Advocate. Rescue Dogs Rule!": Bob

"International Fund for Animal Welfare - Helping animals everywhere.": Bob

"If you have any interest in photography- the Art or the Science. ": Bob